Shindong “met with SuJu is the best thing in my is the best!”, interview with Shindong (worth reading)

“Should I say that this is the best meeting in my life? I felt like I had met with good people.”

This is what Shindong answered when being asked about the meaning of Super Junior. As he steps toward the tough world, Super Junior members are always his strongest foothold. It has been 6 years since debuted, now he had become one of the representative singers in Asia.

He said, there was a 180 degree change in his life before and after he met with Super Junior.

“At first I was an unthoughtful kid, but after becoming Super Junior, I had reached the peak in my life. From that moment onwards, my life raised up just like drawing a curved line. Should I say that this is the best meeting in my life? I felt like I had met with good people.”

Life is unreal if there is no tough thing like *새옹지마(塞翁之馬). In fact, he was once very worried about the contract termination issue of the Chinese member Hangeng.

“Although sometimes we may feel dissatisfied about the company’s decision, but it is also true that the company had put a lot of effort into us, then only we’re able to achieve good results like now and keep on moving. There’s rumour saying that the life duration of an idol will only last for 5 years. So in order to fight against that prejudice, I always discuss with the members and work harder. I want to show everyone our different side.”

Again he emphasized, “people tend to change once they became famous, but Super Junior is always the best in my life”, and “I will never give up”.

After watching Shindong’s performance in SBS upcoming drama ‘Doctor Champ’, where the first broadcast begins at 27th, we will understand the reason why Super Junior is receiving a lot of attention.

“I had participated in a drama before, but this time I really want to do my best. I want to show the good side of me to the members. Is this the reason why I felt so nervous? Or maybe acting is really that hard. (hahaha) It is even harder when the lines are just like daily conversation. When it was my first acting scene, I felt so nervous until I didn’t realized I was bitten by the mosquitoes.”

He makes an appearance as a judo player in the drama. During his first filming in the mountain, he was ‘super’ nervous, but this also created a ‘bigger’ desire in his mind.

“After I started to act, I realized that I really want to show more acting skills to the audiences through this drama. I had created a desire regarding this. Although I’m not the main lead of the drama, but through this opportunity I’m able to see the improvement in myself. I feel very excited when thinking about it.”

Super Junior is the most ‘discussed’ group, and the competition is also very intense among the members. However, Shindong always thought that this is the ‘best meeting in life’. The intense competition among the members is partly due to his desire to show his good side to the members.

“The tree will grow well only if its roots are strong and deep. Now I felt that I had slowly stepped into the world of acting, but still I will never lose my heart for Super Junior.”

*새옹지마(塞翁之馬) = the ups and downs of life.

Source : sup3rjunior