Leeteuk expressed his wish “Wants to be the ambassador for shoe lifts”

Super Junior Leeteuk who is a regular user of shoe lifts expressed his unique relationship with shoe lifts.

On the 21th broadcast of SBS Chuseok Special “Star Real Video”, Leeteuk made a shocking confession “Wants to have the identity of the shoe lifts ambassador”. When the question was posted to Leeteuk: “Do you wish to become the ambassador for shoe lifts?” He replied: “I’m definitely qualified as an ambassador for shoe lifts.” He continued: “In the company, I’m an old face as a regular user of shoe lifts, actually in my inner heart (;) I’ve already treated myself as the ambassador for shoe lifts.” His words aroused laughter among the audience. In actual fact, Leeteuk has proven himself by removing his shoe lifts directly out of his shoes for more than once in programs broadcasting. In addition, he has also been promoting the theory of “Insoles are a form of respect” Therefore, “Ambassador of shoe lifts” this is a really deserved title.
Source : sup3rjunior