Who is the new maid for a day to care for BEAST?

The group BEAST greeted a new maid full with variety talents on the show ‘Idol Maid’.

Maid Jung Gaeun had wasn’t able to attend the filming for the sixth episode of ‘Idol Maid’, and because only Maid Shin Bongsun was left to care for the BEAST boys in need of taking care of, she left with the hint that the daily maid is an actress in her mid-20s.

BEAST members started to grow their anticipation toward the new maid after hearing the hint that she was ‘an actress in her 20s with an idol appearance’.

Also, BEAST members and Bongsun have decided that if they like the new maid, they will offer her the rice drink and if they don’t like her, they were offer her the coca cola.

Also on this episode, the new maid showed off exceptional variety skills and charms compared to the older maid Shin Bongseun, even endangering the BongDong line (Bongseun – Dongwoon).

BEAST getting their driver license and the appearance of the new maid will be broadcasted on the 25th of August at 6PM KST on MBC every1 channel’s ‘Idol Maid’.