BEAST challenge the driver license test! What will the result be?!

The idol group BEAST has challenged the written portion of the driving license test.

BEAST had revealed on the last episode of MBC every1 ‘Idol Maid’ that all they had to use a lot of money of riding the taxi even during their break time because all of them didn’t have a license.

Because the person who places last on the test was punished to put up an embarrassing picture of themselves on their mini homepage, twitter, or other social networking sites, all the members showed themselves studying intensely.

Most of the BEAST members challenged themselves for a regular license with 60 points as their goal, however Yang Yoseob was the only one who challenged himself for a higher license requiring 70 or more points.

The sixth episode of ‘Idol Maid’ with BEAST studying intensely for their driver license will be broadcasted on the 25th of August at 6PM KST.