T.O.P "Lee Mi Sook (50) is older but is sexy and charming"

Actress Lee Mi Sook and boy band Big Bang’s TOP have met. Fashion magazine Elle released a hot photo shoot that was done by Lee Mi Sook, with her feminine and sexy charisma, and TOP, who hides his manly charm under a trendy mask.

This photo shoot, with its concept of relationship, focused on depicting the passion between two people in love rather than the older-younger couple with 30-years between them. Lovely acress Lee Mi Sook, who doesn’t look her age of 50, and idol and actor TOP, who looks too mature to be in his twenties, acted the part of a couple in love so naturally and completed a hot photo shoot.

The two actors were able to pull off a fur jacket couple-look that is difficult to take on with just a decent physique and charisma, and showed off their respective chic charms.

In an interview with Elle, TOP did not hold back his compliments, saying, “I felt an overpowering sexy charisma the entire time I was with Lee Mi Sook.” Lee Mi Sook also shared her thoughts on the photo shoot saying, “Watching all the work that TOP has done, I saw a face that wasn’t simply young but had a story in it. So today I’m sure he came across as the man of a certain woman.”

In order to portray an older woman who is deeply in love with a younger man, Lee Mi Sook took on heavy exposure that she hadn’t even done in movies, and TOP who had been having a difficult time with the flu, behaved like a pro, even worrying that he would spread his sickness to Lee Mi Sook.