BEAST's Lee Kikwang collaborates with Ahn Jinkyung..."We will be anticipating the avatar rap"

BEAST’s Lee Kikwang, who is already popular from ‘avatar dating’ on ‘Sunday Sunday Night - Hot Brothers’, has been currently attracting attention as he collaborated with the singer Ahn Jinkyung.

Lee Kikwang has contributed in the featuring of Ahn Jinkyung’s title song ‘Love is Pathetic’ off of her second mini album ‘BE THE VOICE’ that will be released on the 26th.

Especially since Lee Kikwang is in charge of the vocals in BEAST, this will be his first project that he will be rapping in, surprising the listeners with his attractive voice in a melody line instead of just a regular rap.

Supposedly Lee Kikwang showed off amazing rap skills so that the staff working on the album commented, “Is there someone controlling Lee Kikwang’s rap in the back,” giving the rap the nickname “Lee Ki Kwang Avatar Rap.

The title song ‘Love is Pathetic’ has been composed by the composer/ex-bboy Oh Sunghoon, who has composed ‘Bad Person’ on Ahn Jinkyung’s first solo album, ‘Learned my lesson in love’ and ‘I came alone’ sung by December, and ‘Not until love’ sung by K.Will. The title song is an emotional dance song that shows off a fresh beat along with Ahn Jinkyung’s husky, but thick voice.

She is also being envied by many fans as Mir from MBLAQ had featured in the title song off her first solo album, ‘Bad Person’, and now on her second album title song, she will be having Lee Kikwang from BEAST featuring in her song.

Ahn Jinkyung stated, “I’m thankful that even more of an attractive song was born thanks to Lee Kikwang’s rap featuring, and I think this will be a big support for me as I promote.” She added, “Please show a lot of attention and love towards the title song ‘Love is Pathetic’."

Meanwhile, the teaser clip for the music video ‘Love is Pathetic’ that Ahn Jinkyung and Park Jaejung will be showing off their acting skills in will be released on the 23rd on various video sites like GomTV and MGoon.