Korean, Japanese hip-hop artists to perform at music fest

Official poster of "What's Up Summer Hiphop Festival" [TYPE Communication]

Several of the biggest names in Korean and Japanese hip-hop will be taking the stage for a summer music festival next weekend in Korea, according to the concert's promoter TYPE Communication on Friday.

TYPE announced in a press release that Japanese rappers Zeebra, Simon and Dabo will be performing along Korean artists such as LeeSSang and Jung-in, Supreme Team, Double K and SOUL DIVE for the "What's Up Summer Hiphop Festival" to be held at the Walker Hill Theater on August 28.

The music fest will also feature the performances by Korean DJs DJ R2 and DJ Freekay.

"We hope that this concert which features the best artists in Korean and Japanese hip-hop, will create a place for our music festival in the long run," an official from TYPE explained.

Zeebra is one of the most popular rappers in Japan since his first appearance in 1995. He has also performed live with various rappers in the United States.

Dabo first appeared in the Japanese hip-hop scene in the 1990s and has released three albums since 2002. His lyrics are hard-edged and represent a tough Japanese street culture.

LeeSSang is Korean hip-hop duo composed of Gary and Gil. They formed in 2002, collaborating with Drunken Tiger, T and Big Mama King.

Jung-in released her first album "From Andromeda" earlier this year which features the title track "I Hate You."

Supreme Team is another hip-hop duo featuring members E-Sens and Simon D. They have two albums titled "Supremier" and "Spin Off."

Double K, whose real name is Sohn Chang-il, is a rapper who is a member of the Korean hip hop music collective Movement Crew.

SOUL DIVE, a hip-hop trio, made their debut in 2009 with their first album "Mad Scientist & Sweet Monsters."

Tickets for "What's Up Summer Hiphop Festival" is available on Interpark (http://www.interpark.com/).

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