Tablo Continues To Receive Heat Over His Education

It appears that the controversial issue over whether or not Tablo of Epik High really graduated from the prestigious Standford University is only continuing to heat up. There are various online community sites with over 30,000 members as of June 8th, petitioning for Tablo to reveal the truth behind his education.

Originally, Tablo was known to have graduated with an undergraduate and a graduate degree from the famous Stanford University located in California, USA in the span of three short years. When Epik High first debuted, this was one reason many people took interest in the front man and the group itself. After one particular netizen posted up claims last April, that all of this was false, Tablo decided to take legal action. He posted on his personal Twitter site on the 3rd that this ordeal over the public's distrust in his education background is not only effecting him, but his family as well -- especially his parents who are receiving criticisms via mail as well. He added that he thought the air should be cleared after simply showing the proper related documents.

Though Tablo claims that the truth has been investigated and vindicated, aside from his verbal claims, there hasn't been enough solid proof to quiet doubters.Though it may seem like it's only a matter of the past, this contraversial issue is spreading to effect other aspects of the artist such as his musical talent and mandatory military service. This is arguably the biggest hurdle the singer has faced since his debut.

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