Koyote Set To Make a Comeback

The ever so popular group that debuted in the late 90's, Coyote, is making a comeback after four long years. Koyote will be releasing their new album titled "Koyote Ugly" on June 10th. This will be their second mini-album released after their ninth album titled "I LOVE ROCK&ROLL" which was released in 2006.?

There is one major change that was made in their upcoming album. Koyote, originally made up of Shinji, Kim Jong-min, and Bbaek-ga, will be continuing on as a duo. After Bbaek-ga was diagnosed with a brain tumor last January, he was not able to participate in the making of this album. However, he did lend a hand during the shooting of the album jacket.

Fans can look forward to their title track "Return" which features their signature style of uplifting dance tunes.?Kim Sae-jin, Park Geun-tae, and Joo Young-hoon -- all producers known to have churned out many hit songs -- were a part of the album-making team. Koyote reps said that the upbeat title track from the new album will be perfect for the summer season. Also, that Shinji and Kim Jong-min will try to make up for the absence of Bbaek-ga stemming from his health problems during their promotional activities.

Source : english.kbs.co.kr