Kara collection cards go on sale

A card collection featuring five-member girl group Kara have gone on sale in Korea.

According to a press release from the card's creator SBS Contents Hub on Friday, the collection containing a total 105 photos went on sale starting Wednesday.

The cards, classified into seven categories including golden cards adorned with Kara's photos in gold, peace cards with autographs and wardrobe and normal cards that contain Kara's history, come in two types; one pack that contains six photos each and one pack that consists of 10 packs.

The cards are currently being sold on online shopping site Gmarket (http://www.gmarket.co.kr) but will be available at offline stores around the country starting November 24.

Kara debuted in 2007 with album “Blooming” and have since made hits out of numerous songs including “Honey,” “Mister” “Wanna” and “Lupin,” rising as one of the hottest girl band in Korea.

The group advanced to Japan in August this year and saw all three of its singles in the country reach within the top slots of the prestigious Oricon chart.

Source : korean wave