BEAST releases footage from music video set for "Soom"

Members of Korean boy band BEAST on the set of their music video "Soom" [Cube Entertainment]

A video of Korean idols BEAST on the set of their music video was released today.

The video features footage of BEAST members Yoon Du-jun and Son Dong-wong making the staff laugh through impersonations as well as Yo-Seop pretending to be a model on the set of their music video of "Soom."

The six-member boy band recently released their third mini-album "Mastermind" and will promote the title track "Soom" on various televised music programs.

Known as one of the popular boy bands in the country since their debut last year, BEAST has produced several hit songs including "Bad Girl," "Shock" and "Easy."

The group will hold their first-ever concert in mid-December.

p/s : da dgr sumer lagu nyer...mmg best 'Beast is the Best' ^_^ hahaha...Yo Seop da tuka kaler rmbut jd kaler hitam...hmpir x knl...Dong Woon pun da tukar rmbut pendek... suke lg rmbut sblm ni...herm...Plg suka lagu Soom/Breath dgn V.I.U/Very Important bset ^_^ sgt suka