ZE:A (Hangul: 제국의 아이들), also known as Children of Empire, is a South Korean 9-member boy band formed under Star Empire Entertainment the same company where Jewelry and V.O.S had debuted.


Blood Type : A
Height : 180cm
Weight : 64kg
Hobbies : Soccer and bowling
Other : Leader of group, was on Mnet pretty boy

Blood Type : B
Height : 177cm
Weight : 58kg
Hobbies : Soccer, trumpet, computer games
Other : Loves to act, The Group's arrogant rapper

Blood Type : AB
Height : 183cm
Weight : 65kg
Hobbies : Skiing and playing games
Other : was on Jewlery S' 'Date' MV

Blood Type : B
Height : 175cm
Weight : 52kg
Hobbies : Soccer
Other : The Maknae from Busan, has great abs

Kim Ji Yeob
Blood Type : A
Height : 180cm
Weight : 60kg
Hobbies : Internet shopping and computer games
Other : Can speak English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean. Lived in Australia before debuting in Korea

Blood Type : A
Height : 179cm
Weight : 60kg
Hobbies : Talking in English, tennis, cooking, scuba diving
Other : Model for Smart, Siwan's biggest fan, The Group's clown

Blood Type : B
Height : 178cm
Weight : 54kg
Hobbies : Dancing and cooking
Other : MBC Introducing star friend (Kim Kyung Rok), The Group's Dance Machine

Blood Type : B
Height : 175cm
Weight : 51kg
Hobbies : Violin and snowboarding
Other : The Group's fashionista, best friends with Hwang Kwang Hee

Blood Type : A
Height : 177cm
Weight : 63kg
Hobbies : Sports and beatboxing
Other : The mom of the group, loves to wear glasses