War between Big Bang's Seungri and Daesung?

Big Bang’s Seungri said he has declared war to same group member, Daesung.

On the first ever aired episode of MBC’s “Sunday Sunday Night” ‘Enjoy Today’. Seungri said, “I will never lose to Daesung hyung“.

Kim Gu Ra held mock interviews during the press conference for “Enjoy Today” in which he asked Seungri. “Having Daesung be a hit in a weekend variety program (FO). Wasn’t that a burden to you?“.

To this Seungri answered, “Just like my name (victory), I have not once lost“. Then Kim Gu Ra said, “Isn’t Daesungie, a daesung?” (daesung literally means success). He replied sharply and baffled Seungri.

Seungri then while staring at the camera, stated “I will not lose to Daesung hyung!“, he stated confidently.

Source: Newsen
Translated: Jae In @ ibigbang fansite