Super Junior Attempts Trot Music Again

After holding a very successful "Super Show 3" recently, popular k-pop group Super Junior surprised their fans with a new trot-style song.

The song "Ddok Ddok Ddok" ("Knock Knock Knock") was released via the main online music sites -- such as Melon, Bugs, Cyworld, and Dosirak -- on August 16th. The song was performed live at their Olympic Park headlining concert this past weekend in Seoul. The song has cute lyrics about knocking on the heart of your lover to be allowed in set to the background of a very sweet melody. Being that it is a trot song, the melody features traditional style arrangement and composition. This is their second trot release as their first one was a trot version of the popular hit "Ro-ggu-geo".

The group has little time to celebrate the success of their recent concert in Korea as they must also prepare for the SM Town Live 2010 World Tour taking place August 21st in Jamshil of Seoul.