Sooyoung (SNSD) wants to get married at 24

About SNSD’s title song Oh!, the members said, “Lyrics like ‘Don’t think of me as a younger sister. You’ll regret it in a year’, etc portray more confidence and energy to the point that we can say “Oppa I love you.”

On the cheerleading jerseys, each girl has a number that SM revealed had significant personal meaning to each member. Tiffany said, “I picked the number 0, but the double digit numbers look prettier. Jessica says, ‘You’re our team’s hole’ to me.”

The girls revealed, “She wants to get married at age 24, so she picked the number 24.” Sooyoung explained, “It’s just something that I hope for. If I get married, I would have to leave SNSD, so I’ll reverse the numbers and marry at age 42!”

MySpace wahhh!!!! i like sooyoung. she cute ^_^