Sankei News: ‘G Dragon in Big Bang Goes Out With Japanese Model’

Star group Big Bang’s leader G Dragon has been caught up in rumors of romance with a Japanese model.

Japanese newspaper Sankei Sports printed a headline saying, “Leader of Big Bang in Love” on August 14 and reported that G Dragon (Kwon Ji Young, 21) has been dating model Mizuhara Kiko, and it delivered the news again on the following day, August 15, with a headline saying, “Agency admits relationship between G Dragon and Mizuhara” and reported that they were maintaining a close relationship.

According to the article, G Dragon fell in love with Mizuhara when Big Bang debuted in Japan last year June and they have been seeing each other since then. Even though G Dragon had to manage a tight schedule flying between Korea and Japan, they reportedly have maintained a long distance relationship.

It also said that Mizuhara had visited Big Bang’s waiting room often, so other members had already known about their relationship, and that it had also been acknowledged by the close friends of Mizuhara.

But another newspaper, Daily Sports, reported a different article on the same date, August 15, with a headline saying, “G Dragon Denies Relationship with Mizuhaka Kiko” and delivered the explanations of each agency by saying, “Mizuhara is just one of their close friends who are hanging out with all five members of the group Big Bang.”

Model Mizuhara, who has been spotlighted after the report regarding the rumor of romance, was born to an American father and a Japanese-Korean mother in 1990 in Texas in the USA, and had debuted in Japan by appearing in the fashion magazine “Vivi” in 2007 with an appealing and exotic appearance. In addition, she will debut as an actress by appearing in the movie “An Age of Loss (Norwegian Wood )“ based on the original novel written by Murakami Haruki, and the movie will be released in December this year.

Source : Entertainment News