Members of Beast Never Expected Lee Ki Kwang’s Success

On the episode of KBS 2TV talk show “Win Win” that was aired on August 10, Kim Sung Soo, Jung Jae Yong, and Lee Ki Kwang underwent hazing as the new MC members. On the program, the MC members’ close friends appeared as the secret guest members to celebrate their new appearance on the show and to talk about their private stories.

The members of the Invincible Baseball Team and actor Cho Yeon Woo appeared as the secret guest of Kim Sung Soo, actress Seo Hyo Rim appeared for Jung Jae Yong, and the members of the group Beast appeared as friends of Lee Ki Kwang. The members of Beast said that they were surprised by Lee Ki Kwang’s success on the entertainment programs. After listening to the question asking “Did you ever expect that Lee Ki Kwang would become popular?” every member except Yo Seob denied it by making the sound of a cock crowing using a toy. After that, Yo Seob, who had not answered because he had not understood the question, soon made the noisy sound of cock crowing to express his denial, so every member of Beast had the same opinion.

According to the members’ explanation, they never expected that Lee Ki Kwang would be successful by appearing on the entertainment programs. They disclosed, “Lee Ki Kwang originally did not have a sense for entertaining” and “When we are talking in our accommodations, Lee Ki Kwang usually destroys the atmosphere by saying something uninteresting.” Also, they unveiled his nicknames such as “pulse cutter,” "atmosphere breaker,” and “cleaner.”

Also, Beast members made Lee Ki Kwang embarrassed by saying, “After he became famous on the entertainment programs, he has changed. Before that, he used to say that he would trust the other members and follow them, but these days, he says that we have to trust him and follow him.”

In addition, the program presented an upgraded version of the segment entitled “Asking Very Fast,” so cast members had to ask questions very quickly and at the same time, they had to answer the questions very quickly as well. The four MC members could ask questions for sixty seconds, and they could have the opportunity to present bread to the audience members when they succeeded in asking and answering as many as fifty questions. If they failed to reach fifty questions, they had to showcase a group dance as a penalty. As it was the first day the segment was presented, the allocated number of questions was reduced to forty questions, but they only completed thirty five questions and they had to carry out the penalty by presenting the group dance.

Writer: Contributing Reporter Kim Min Ha
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