MBLAQ, (엠블랙, an acronym for Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality) is a South Korean quintet boy band created by Korean pop R&B singer Rain under his label J.Tune Entertainment.


Seung Ho – Leader, Vocal

Name : Yang Seung Ho
Birth : 16th October 1987 

Joon – Vocal, Main Dancer

Name : Lee Chan Sun 
Birth: 7th February 1988
- Joon also participated in the movie Ninja Assassin, with the role of the character, Raizo.
Mir – Main Rapper

Name : Bang Cheol Yong
Birth : 10th March 1991
* Younger brother to actress Go Eun Ah.

CheonDung (meaning Thunder in Korean) – Dance, Rap

Name : Park Sang Hyun
Birth : 7th October 1990
* Younger brother of Sandara Park of 2NE1.

G.O – Main Vocal

Name : Jung Byung Hee
Birth : 6th November 1987
* He was once part of the three-member band, Tykeys.