Song Hye-kyo ponders new film by Lee Jeong-hyang

Korean actress Song Hye-kyo

Korean actress Song Hye-kyo may be returning to the big screen through a new film by director Lee Jeong-hyang , best-known for 2002 hit pic "The Way Home".

"She is considering appearing in director Lee Jeong-hyang 's new film but it has not been finalized", an official at Song's agency Eden 9 Entertainment told Asia Economic Daily over the phone on Tuesday. "It is hard to decide on her next project since we have not been notified of when the movie she is currently filming in China will end".

Lee Jeong-hyang 's upcoming movie, which remains untitled, is a story about the conflicts and growth a television producer experiences after losing her fiance in a hit-and-run accident.

It is Lee's first film since "The Way Home", which turned then-child actor Yoo Seung-ho into a household name, became a local box office hit eight years ago.

Song, 28, shot to fame throughout Asia after starring in several hit TV dramas including "Autumn in my Heart" (KBS, 2000), "All In" (SBS, 2003) and "Full House" (KBS, 2004) alongside Asian pop sensation Rain. She was last seen in the drama "Worlds Within" (KBS, 2008) and made headlines for dating her co-star Hyeon Bin.

She has also done some work on the big screen including "Hwangjin-y - Movie - 2007" (2007) and Asian omnibus pic "Camellia" (2010), directed by Jang Joon-hwan and co-starring Kang Dong-won.

The actress is currently shooting Wong Kar-wai pic "The Grand Master" in China.

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