SJ Eunhyuk Leads Dream Team to Win

Boy band Super Junior's Eunhyuk led the way to victory for the Dream Team in the KBS-2TV entertainment show "Let's Go! Dream Team Season 2" for the first time in six months.

On the show, which aired Sunday, the celebrity Dream Team faced off with a team of star physical trainers on the beachside.

Knee-wrestling in water
The teams fought earnestly from the warmup matches. The Dream Team lost for the 4th time in underwater knee-wrestling but won in the informal group knee-wrestling match, thanks in particular to Minho.

In the main round, one game was for contestants to ride on a tube through a waterway, make a turn, jump up a ladder and return to the starting point before the "muscle man gate" shut down. The race requires strength and nimbleness and was among the most difficult games ever seen on the show.

The score continuously flip-flopped.

Eunhyuk's endeavor
Toward the end of the game, Dream Team ace Minho dropped out and victory was now dependent on Eunhyuk. He had always lost in the final stage. This day, he had to face two rivals.

He fell once inside the tube but gave his all to the end and barely made it through the closing gate, winning the race.

Eunhyuk sobbed after winning as if remembering his past failures and said, "I won this fight with myself. It's invaluable."

Star trainer Kim Ji-hun, who finished second, congratulated Eunhyuk with great sportsmanship, saying, "You're the first to beat me. I wish for your continued performance."

Writer: Honorary reporter No Ji-won
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