Hangeng accused of plagiarizing song by U-Know Yunho

TVXQ singer U-Know Yunho (left) and former Super Junior member Hangeng [SM Entertainment]

Former Super Junior member Hangeng is heating up controversy with "Fire", his latest single release in China that has been accused of plagiarizing a song written by TVXQ leader U-Know Yunho.

Fans have suggested that "Fire", the new single by Hangeng who went solo after leaving Super Junior, plagiarized U-Know Yunho's composition "Checkmate", performed at 'TVXQ THE 3rd ASIA TOUR CONCERT-MIROTIC' held February 20 in Korea.

U-Know Yunho wrote the lyrics and melody for the song as well as choreographing the dance moves for the performance number.

People who have heard both songs are saying that they sound similar in overall melody and chord accompaniment, particularly the prelude and the intro where "Fire" is played in one different key.

Fans have posted videos of U-Know Yunho performing "Checkmate" at TVXQ's concert and Hangeng's music video on the Internet, comparing the two songs side by side.

Those who have seen the video posted various comments including, ""He plagiarized a song from a senior singer at the same agency [SM Entertainment]... How disgraceful", "He subtly changed one note to cleverly avoid [being accused of] plagiarism" and "This is totally the same. I am dumbfounded".

Super Junior -- composed of members Leeteuk, Heechul (Kim Hee-cheong), Hangeng, Yesung, Kang In, Shindong (Sin Dong-hee), Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae (Lee Dong-hae), Siwon (Choi Si-won), Ryeowook, Kibum (Kim Ki-beom) and Kyuhyun -- debuted in December 2005 with their first studio album titled "SuperJunior05 (TWINS)".

They became a K-pop phenomenon across Asia, thanks to the success of their subsequent albums "Don't Don" (2007) and "Sorry, Sorry" (2009), and held two sold-out concert tours in 2008 and 2009 titled "The 1st Asia Tour - Super Show" and "Super Show 2".

Hangeng, the only Chinese member of the band, had filed a petition to the Seoul Central District Court last December, requesting that his contract with agency SM Entertainment be invalidated.

His legal representative explained at the time that the singer had been restricted from pursuing individual activities and did not agree with how the agency works.

Hangeng and two other members, Kang In and Kibum (Kim Ki-beom), did not take part in recording or promoting Super Junior's latest album "BONAMANA".

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